HSG test in Bangalore

I was and I am all always scared of HSG   hysterosalpingogram test. So finally after six or seven months of natural try, taking tabs , some scans, blood work SA for BH nothing worked, so before going clomid and TI (timed intercourse). My doc suggested HSG test to be done either from day 6 to day 9, I told I am darn scared but I had to do it.

My doc suggested to consult the best radiologist  in Bangalore, but that radiologist  was not giving anesthesia , so searched all the hospitals in Bangalore finally zeroed on two hospitals, read reviews and finalized one hospital which is one of good hospital in Bangalore.

The hospital was Gunasheela Hospital, Jayanagar. Since I am not the regular patient there, there was loads of confusion. I was first giving a mock register number, then they told  me to get some unwanted blood work, even though I had almost blood work done but they wanted me to get it. So I gave the blood for test , then they told me to come next day to meet the anesthetist for checking whether I can take  anesthesia or not.Next day went to the meet the doc he cleared me for taking anesthesia.All my reports are fine so  I was asked to come on day 7 (or I told that I would want it to be done on day 7)and they  gave me some tabs to take on the test day early morning , take only coffee and biscuits and not to eat anything until the procedure,and the test will be done by 12 noon.

I went to the hospital on day seven by 10 am, paid the amount then they gave me a hospital gown to wear.Then they took me to something like operation theater  , there the anesthetist spoke very nicely , as he was speaking they had give IV by then and later the  doc injected something and I lost conscious then after 10 mins or soo they woke me up and told that the test was done, even after the test it was paining, it was like bad period cramps and was bleeding a bit, and  I was not fully conscious.

After maybe two or three hours I felt better, they told me take water, then  they told me take juice after half an hour , then again after half an hour some light food like idly. Then when I felt better they checked me told that all is good and I can go home. It was a long tiring day and HSG was over finally.

Ok my  HSG results, right tube blocked and left tube fine, so one tube is blocked.

Cost – 3000 rs for blood work, 500 rs for  meeting anesthetist  and 6000 rs for HSG test.I felt it was too much, if you are their regular patient it costs less I guess.

PS: Gunasheela Hospital  its very crowded , they dint give any written test report only x-ray report , my gynecologist had to interpret by herself and she gave the report to the in-house radiologist  and he gave interpretation by seeing by x-ray. So for all the amount I paid,  I was not satisfied. Only thing was they were doing the test by under anesthesia.

After HSG I did three clomid cycles I have written here, now my doc is suggested get laparoscopy before further treatment. I will be meeting a new RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist ) suggested by my doc/Gynecologist  then we will decide what and when. It’s a long long journey.








TTC and life around IT….

My TTC journey you can from here.In July  19th 2016 when we decided to meet the recommended gynecologist, first thing that came to my mind was all the invasive check ups because I know these check ups and dint pursue many time in the past, but this time I had to do it. I am already in early thirties , and I just wanted my baby, so I made up my mind to be stronger . Finally when we met the doc, and she got to know about our ttc journey , she asked me and BH to get some blood work done and SA (semen analysis).

Our results were out, mine all are fine only LH was on lower side. BH’s SA counts were good , morphology was good but motility was on lower side. I was told to take cetaptin   500 mg two times a day  and folic acid one tab per day , some mineral powder for BH  and doc told me to try naturally for three months if it not worked we ll see what can be done next.

Nothing happened in three are four months, went back to doc she told me to just do follicle scan  without medication to check whether I am ovulating naturally or not and SA  for BH to know how it is now after three months, so that she can decide what can be done next. On day 13 I went scanning  had many small follicles ,then went for alternate day scans but the growth was very slow. Then I waited to get my period which was delayed and got my period exactly after 60 days that’s two months sigh.BH’s SA this time were same again little lesser compared to last time but not much difference.

Met my doc  after AF (Auntflow/period) she told to get HSG test between day 6 to day 8, one of the most dreaded test, I was scared .I told my doc that I was scared of the test, she told if I am scared then we ll have to do Laparoscopy, so she told its better to first take HSG then we can decide what can be done next. So got HSG test on day 7 , will write in detail about the test.

According to HSG result my right tube was blocked  and my left was partial spill or maybe it was fine  not sure.From next cycle I was put on clomid 50 mg from day 2 to day 6. My first  cycle failed, next cycle was also 50 mg clomid which failed again. Third cycle I was on 100 mg clomid it failed too.

In all the cycles my follicle grew nicely  up to 20 mm to 24 mm and ruptured/ovulated on my own on day 17/18, only second cycle I was very unwell and I ovulated on day 23 I think so, but I did ovulate on my own in all cycles. Its a long tiring journey.

Next what, will update soon.





About MY TTC Journey in a jest

It’s been a long journey and still my journey is not over, until I hold my baby in my hands, hopefully it will happen soon. We have been married for ten years, I was 23 he was 25. We know each other for 16 years .In the beginning we wanted to have a child, it was like we were ok if it happened. Pregnancy dint  happen then many things happened we travelled, built homes, fought like we hated each other, we dint want to be with each other (but inside we knew we can’t be without each other). Those are the days that has made our relationship stronger. In all these after five years of our wedding  I  tried homeopathy treatment , then later after  two years took ayurvedic treatment cause I knew I had pcod before wedding thought will set it right and maybe we might as well conceive somehow, nothing worked cause my better half (BH) was not ready.

In between from past 3 years we have been trying to conceive (ttc) cause we had been married for already seven years, from mid 2014 when we started ttc I had some problem in my uterus, I was shocked I was in denial mode and had met the worst doctor instead of trying to calm me or at least not scaring me. She told something major was wrong and I was taking tabs almost for 5000rs per month, sigh. Then after three months I had to travel out of the country so stopped taking her prescribed tabs after three months, but had some symptoms of whatever the worst doc had diagnosed.

I came back after three months went to a different doctor. The new doctor told nothing to worry I do have a problem but can be solved I sighed hmmm. She prescribed some tabs for three months, she told me to ttc during those days. I think we did conceive in my third month but before even I could confirm I started bleeding. Then again came back to my home country but dint go to any doc thought will try naturally regularly, though  we had been ttc for one year, but with loads of break in between cause of my health , BH’s travel  and many more .

The second year also we dint try that seriously , for many unfortunate reasons, was back to my home country too so   in 2016 we decided enough is enough and we had been married for 9 years by now, so I decided I will first search for a good gynaecologist, my aunt recommended a good gynaecologist whom she has been seeing form a very long time, that the best thing that happened last year. I met my new gynaecologist, she asked our history, from when we are trying and many more and started my treatment.


Uufff It’s a long post will update more about it what she told us and now in what situation we are, but I want to tell I am sure I will hold my bay soon.