Finally A Breather


Yes I got my reports finally. I was so tensed until I spoke to the doctor, the wait to meet the doctor was never ending .  It was such a relief  to talk to  the doctor, she told that all my reports  have come normal and I can now meet the RE with these reports. I asked her again that all is fine or what, she told yeah as of now all the reports are fine, but I din’t understand what she meant by ” as of now all is fine”, anyways I don’t want to dwell too much on it ,it is fine that’s it.


The smear test, tissue , culture whatever all is fine is what I need to start IVF. I am sacred and excited at the same time,the roller coaster of emotions of IVF even before I have started the process. I need to be strong mentally first thing than anything, God give me strength that’s all I ask.On another note, I will be going to a naming ceremony tomorrow. It is of my first cousins first baby, so I need to go or it wont be nice, so I need to be more stronger than the IVF procedure . I will be meeting RE on Monday and know the details about IVF.

PS: (before reading the next part I want to tell you these are my opinions and experience, please don’t try to judge me and no negative comments please)

Today my bro wanted to ask something related to him to a very new astrologer, I had gone with him to meet the astrologer. My bro, mom and mil told me to ask, will the IVF be successful for me,I was in two minds whether to ask or not. I do believe in astrology but only to an extent, I believe more in the almighty then any predictions.



The astrologer told that  I will not have kids , then he told IVF  will not be successful  now but it will be successful in 2020. I just listened no reaction at all, because I know my God better than anyone, I was very unfazed with whatever he said, also my mom and mil have asked some experienced astrologers where they have never ever told I will not have kids they have told that it will be late that’s all, whatever I am going ahead with IVF. I will do IVF and the results  I have left to my GOD, I know its easier said than done but that’s all I can do.


13 thoughts on “Finally A Breather

  1. I did an online ‘ask astrologer’ whether I’d ever conceive and it replied with yes, but early 2018. This was asked in March this year. Maybe my frozen embryo is that one? My great aunt was a medium/spiritual reader, I never met her though.

    I’m glad your results have come with no issues. Ivf is tough, but you’re a strong lady xx

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    • My mil had asked a very reputed very well read astrologer and he told after a surgery if I do IVF it will work and by then my lap was done and so he told it was the very right time to start the ivf….
      but my bro saw some astrologer by an ad or something and wanted to go…. i was not interested cause my reports had come fine and the mil told that the astrologer told its a great time…

      but my karma…. i had to waste my time and money for an useless prediction…

      and sometimes I wonder about the contradict predictions …. whatever I am least bothered… and going to start IVF with positive mind

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  2. I do believe in astrology too. infact I have been telling mum to go see someone and ask. I remember the horoscope was checked before my marriage and at that point they had mentioned I might have difficulty conceiving but honestly I didn’t even imagine it would be this difficult because I had no issues at that time. Now I want to get it checked but am also scared that I might feel even more low if I find out something bad 🙂 Good luck with the next steps. Hoping you get to start the process of IVF soon.

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    • Yeah …. but ask a well read and experienced astrologer…. not the one I asked who is there just for making money…..
      My mil had asked a very reputed very well read astrologer and he told after a surgery if I do IVF it will work and by then my lap was done and so he told it was the very right time to start the ivf….and just go ahead with IVF…

      the astrologer I went two days back was worst…. even though the predictions were good for my bro he was not happy…and this one we saw in the ad and went big mistake..

      thank you… 🙂 I am just going with a positive mind


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