C for Complicated Chakravyuha #A to Z Challenge


Its all complicated or we complicate it because we are so involved in this journey, each step is like a test we either pass or fail, if we pass we move to a even more complicated phase/test. Infertility  is like getting inside the chakravyuha  and not knowing how to come out of it successfully,even getting inside is not easy, that’s how chakravuyha right.Conception is the challenge those who are in this infertility journey will know better. In this infertility journey their is no clarity at all, we don’t know what next and what might happen the next moment, it all luck and hope we survive on.


Infertility journey is complicated form the day one you start your treatment,until the never ending treatment is over,whether its successful or not. Once you get in the treatment cycle we are so  obsessed or at-least I am obsessed, with what is going on with my treatment, what next, why this is not working what that is not working, why dint my Re suggest this test, why did my friend’s RE suggest that, maybe that other clinic’s RE is good/better , we compare and complicate more.

Google complicates us more, everything our RE tells us during the regular consultations,I just go and google, and question is this test necessary, is this tablet necessary , is this correct or that other one would be good. I will always say to myself that I will not google but , naa I will go back to google my best friend again.Maybe that’s the part of life, which I cant change, complicate more.