G for Google #A to Z Challenge


Google is the my biggest problem now for me, because anything my RE tells I just google immediately and confuse me. I wont deny sometimes it makes me feel better after reading it, but then it does not exactly concern to my infertility treatment , its something about a research or someone else who has gone through it.My body type is different and body type of the person experience I would be reading would be different right, so obviously her results are different , I read her success story and will be happy, and when the same thing does not work for me I start feeling low.

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Its been almost 1 year 8 months of infertility treatment, I finally decided I am not going to google anything about my treatment, tests , procedures and all, I will just go with the flow, my doubts will be cleared/answered by my doctor that’s all no one else.I am not able to believe myself that I have not googled about my FET or ERA, from last few weeks, I am at peace. I do google other things, I am not against google at all, its just this infertility topic is very sensitive,I want to avoid it and be at peace and take in whatever comes my way😊.