U for Ultrasound # A to Z challenge


Ultrasound is the most irritating, annoying thing during infertility treatments. I started my IVF treatment late due to these invasive treatments, and ultrasound or Trans Vaginal Scan (TVS) is only the beginning, now I am pro at it, that’s how my RE will how my uterus will look, and what she can do next.I did ERA test on Saturday which was much more invasive and painful, but dint I say I am a pro at it now. My posts from now on will be like this only, I am not getting topics for the last few posts.

PS:I am not a doctor, these are just my findings, my experiences and my infertility warrior friends experiences,which are a part of my life. I am half doctor myself because we go though so much,sometimes I feel I know my diagnosis better than my RE(Reproductive Endocrinologist). Hope these posts make some sense for people who are not a part of this journey.This post is a part of #AtoZchallenge2018.