Reflections #A to Z Challenge


A-to-Z Reflection [2018]

Yay!!! Finally I did it, I still cannot believe I survived the A to Z challenge, I am a lazy person, I take my own sweet time to do things, but then I did it. In the beginning it was very exciting and like all new things in life. In the beginning I used to plan, then later on I was lost, I knew what to write for each alphabet when I registered to be apart of the challenge.I should I have made a list, but with clinic visits, follow up’s and the dreaded ERA test, social commitments, travel and much more I was caught up in life’s twists, anyways no matter what like a true Sagittarius I did it.It was not easy but that’s life is-int it.

survivor-atoz [2018] v1


There were days when I had no time, some days I was in no mood to write, last few days were worst I din’t know what to write, I dint get any idea’s also the last weekend we had travel plans, so the last three post’s were scheduled, I feel those last few posts were meaningless, nevertheless I finished the challenge, this is the first time I have taking up something like this from the time I have started blogging, I have been blogging from 2007,I also enjoyed it, will I do this next year? hmmm…will think about next year.

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