I for Invasive & Insurance #A to Z Challenge


Infertility treatments are very very invasive I must say. When we decided we wanted babies, and nothing worked the normal way, we tried the all the non-invasive treatments like Ayurveda and Homeopathy when those were exhausted,I had no choice but to go the Allopathic way , I am was darn scared because I knew it would be very invasive. We being the google generation , we just google every darn thing. Everything I read was all about tvs-scans, HSG test , hysteroscopy and much more, the list is never ending, and every time we go for check ups, tvs scan is a must, or the RE wont know whats happening with the reproductive system.

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The above tests are just the beginning, once your a part of either IUI or IVF roller coaster ride, its even more invasive, now I am just used to those invasive scans, if my RE does not ask me to get undressed from my lower part I will be worried, and will be thinking why she is not scanning today, nah nah after speaking to me the nurse tells me to undress and dang the scan is done, its not painful but its obviously uncomfortable. Invasive in the part of infertility life.


Insurance I wont talk much, but here in India insurance is not covered for a single infertility issue, we have to pay everything from our pocket and these treatments are very expensive. Every time my RE suggests tests I need to think how much it might costs and when should it be paid, its very draining mentally, physically and financially , dint I say you need to be a warrior to go through infertility treatments.

PS:I am not a doctor, these are just my findings, my experiences and my infertility warrior friends experiences, I am half doctor myself because we go though so much,sometimes I feel I know my diagnosis better than my RE(Reproductive Endocrinologist). Hope these posts make some sense for people who are not a part of this journey.This post is a part of #AtoZchallenge2018.

Never Ending ….


Until I start IVF it is never ending reports and meeting the doctors. I knew all this but it feels never ending . I met RE on Monday, seeing my  AMH and BH’s semen analysis she told we’ll do two IUI’s if that does not work we can start IVF, she told this even before seeing my other reports. I told her that both my tubes are blocked , she was like “oh I did not see that”,So its IVF for you she told, I knew that thank you.


Then she checked my other reports and told everything is fine, but I cant find TB PCR report and discharge summary after Hystro-laparoscopy , sigh. I had to go back to the hospital where my gynecologist did hystro-lap and get both those reports, it’s never ending I must say. When I went to the hospital to take my report first they told I will get the report in  ten minutes then , later they told it will come by evening. then next day never ending did I say.

Next day I called in the morning, they told they will call back in 10 minutes but I never got call until 3 pm, I called them and scolded them. At that time they are telling that if AFP culture, smear , tissue  whatever all the reports are negative/fine means PCR also will be negative so  they don’t test that and I can take back that money, I was relieved but also  irritated with all this, and felt so many hurdles before I start IVF.


Ok coming back to my meeting with RE, she then explained that I will be starting IVF from second day of my period. They will be doing IVF- ICSI , even though BH’s SA is good. When I asked why? they told the success rate is more in ICSI. Then she told that since my AMH is good I might have chances of OHSS, I was shocked, but was just listening, she told there are Chances of OHSS but I can’t tell it will happen , don’t worry much we will take care of you that’s what she told I think. So maybe it wont be a fresh transfer, we will do FET cycle , but fresh transfer or FET will be know depending upon how my health will be at that time. Then I asked the doctor for IVF many people start with Birth Control Pills(BCP) why she is starting for me from just day 2  , she told that in other clinics they take control of your cycle when there are too many patients, but here we concentrate on less people , so we start with second day of your periods, that’s it.

Then met the finance person, got the details, she explained well . She split the amount for what  is for what and all.The total cost of IVF , plus some MACS test for selecting best sperm for ICSI,  cost for freezing the  embryo for 4 , if there are more than four , again some more thousands of  rupees  sigh, then extra more  money if it is FET cycle . The injections can be taken by the nurse in the clinic she told, if my home is near, so mostly those injection days I  will be going to clinic daily I think so, even though the clinic is just 7 to 8 KM, but in this Bangalore traffic it will take 30 to 45 mins in non peak traffic time, so mostly the timing will be between 11 am to 12 pm noon.


Then met the in house counselor who spoke very nicely, I felt good. She told me eat good food, not to eat out, walk as much as possible, yoga , pranayama , not to fall sick and in general spoke very nicely made me feel better, she also told I could speak to her if I want to, also there was a infertility talk next day , she told I could come if I want too. I also told about my blog and a India Infertility group me and a friend are trying to start so we can make others feel we are not alone. It was good.


Tomorrow again I will be meeting  RE again to give the final reports and BH will be giving semen for freezing, he can give fresh semen during egg retrival too, this just for a back up and we are  paying for semen freezing obviously .This  has become a never ending post, hopefully my meeting with RE go fine and I should go next on day 2 of my period for starting IVF.I need your prayers.


Confusions, Infertility, life, People ……


On 17th hopefully I will get my APF  or whatever report its called . I am still not convinced that I will get my reports on Tuesday and its very annoying. Last time, twice when I went to clinic  for meeting the gynecologist and know about my reports nothing happened, once they removed stitches sent me home and second time it was just waste of time , and both the times they told me the report will come next time and other time they even confused me about the report dates.



I am really tired of this waiting game, I am worried about the reports and others life stress are also added too, and I am worried that one or the other hurdle will come before I start IVF. I  am worried about the report , I  just don’t want to wait to start IVF, even though  I am scared about the procedure but I want to start and finish it off, yes you read it right , I also know that it is not easy but still I want to finish it off, I am nervous and confused.



Then there are people who hurt again and again just because they had a baby within a year or sooner. I wish I could just give back to those people, now days I just don’t react to such situations.I just to try as calm as much as possible. That person told me something like this ” you are a egoist person that’s why you don’t have(kids) what you should have by now” I just asked something which I had given them, this was third or fourth time I was asking them to return it to me, that’s all, that too my tone was low but I was angry that they had not returned it, that’s all was that comment necessary I don’t know, I sometimes feel people plan and hurt. I controlled my teras.

Another thing I hate is people suggesting me IVF , when they don’t even know anything about my treatment, people would have started the treatment by just going to the gynecologist, they don’t know that some people in this infertility journey can have babies with  just clomid cycles, IUI cycles , many more after that only the doctor will suggest IVF, without even knowing what treatments we are taking people just say “why don’t you try  IVF”, I just smile and go but in my head I am like “yeah what about my feelings, my readiness to start it, the financial and physical aspect”, how can they even suggest without knowing anything, maybe they are thinking that they are doing a huge help by suggesting IVF.Like some people suggest about adoption, thanks for the suggestion.



Another annoying and irritating thing is the pregnancy announcements, one of my cousin just wrote about how she announced her pregnancy on her husbands birthday and how she waited to tell him ,the nine months journey and all, I read commented and cried, everyone has the right to post what they want, so maybe I should block my FB account for sometime until I feel better.I sometimes feel so ashamed and feel silly about myself  to feel like this but I could not control my tears.Then I just chatted with a friend  I  felt better, also I was PMSing , I had not got my period after Laparoscopy , maybe that’s why I was feeling like that. I finally got my period yesterday. I have bad stomach cramps and lower back ache, I just wanted to take this out of my system even in the pain I wanted to write that’s why this post.

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On a lighter note here there is a stray pregnant cat, so we give milk three times a day , when I take milk for the cat ,she tries to come near me and can’t wait to drink the milk, I feel so happy, here the pregnant cats picture, finally hopefully my tomorrows report will be fine and I can go ahead with IVF.I need all your prayers.