Spirituality and Infertility – 1


I always wanted to write about my spiritual  journey and how I became more spiritual with/ because of this infertility journey. As far as I remember I was always spiritual, but in between I was lost and  I was not  spiritual (but deep inside me I was spiritual, maybe I was not showing it out  or maybe I was sad) due do many things its a long story for another day.



Then this unfortunate  journey of infertility made me more spiritual. I am glad this journey has made me more spiritual than I  was before, I don’t blame God at all for this tough journey he has given me.I believe in karma, so I have left it to God. I can only pray that’s all, the miracle he has to do, but I believe in him he will do it when my time comes, but this waiting for MY time is frustrating and  it is never ending.

I was and I am crazy when my infertility treatment started, I started doing all pooja/prayers. This time I wanted my treatment with Gods’s blessings.I feel along with my treatment prayers will make my miracle happen.In between all this my BFF (Best friend forever) sent me a link of pre-conception meditation . Do check out the link if you believe in the pre-birth commucation,

After I saw the video and also meditated listing to it there was no looking back , the world of pre-birth communication opened to me, it is such a wonderful feeling. The meditation calms you makes you feel good, at least for me I felt really nice.There is more about my spiritual and pre-birth communication journey that’s why it will be posted in many parts.


PS: If anyone who reads this and does not believe please don’t  believe but don’t write any negative comments, thank you.