I have already written in  my About page why I started this blog, but I wanted to add few more points, that’s why this new page.This page is particularly for those who have never had any problem conceiving, it’s a natural thing for you, but not for me and many others like me. It is mainly like a disclaimer for my blog, so anyone who wants to read and post comment on my blog. I would really want them to read this post/page before judging me, maybe they will be able to understand my feelings and my blog write up’s or  may not understand at all, understanding depends on each person. So here are few reasons in bullet points.



  • When  I write a blog post it’s always emotional one and all about obviously about my infertility journey, so most of the times when anyone is reading the blog might feel that I am always feeling low or depressed, but this is my blog my venting place so I will write what I want to write and I don’t want any suggestions thank you.
  • I might use words like sex , intercourse, vagina , shit, fuck, AMH, FSH, LH, etc. Some more words which you might know and might not know. This is my blog and I have all the right to use them.If you don’t want to read the blog just leave, this blog of mine is about my infertility journey, so I might use them most of the time.
  •  Most of the time I just want to vent out. I just want to take it out from my system so I just write and publish it, even without checking if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes, so just leave it there.
  • Most of the time my blog posts don’t make a sense at all not only for you for me too,but I feel better after venting it out here.
  • This journey is a lonely journey no matter how much support you get form your spouse,parents, family and friends.Their support will help you sail thought but there are some times you just know it is a lonely journey and venting out in my blogs helps me.



  • The more I write here and let out my feelings I feel better and I will be able to face more challenges in my infertility journey
  • In this Indian society women are more targeted than men in this TTC journey, no matter if the problem is with the man or both of them or just the women the blame is always the women,so  it is really a lonely journey. That’s why this is my venting post
  • No one will understand your journey, I am not only talking about Infertility journey any problem anyone faced in life its your problem, only when you go through you will understand, so I don’t expect to understand me but don’t hurt me.
  • Don’t tell me to relax, that’s not my option, thank you.

There will be more points that I may add in future as now these things are in my mind and I wanted to write it here. THANK YOU for reading.